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Frances Taylor Designs

13 Kintail Court
Stittsville, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 613 836 3988
Email: frances_taylor@sympatico.ca
Website: www.francestaylorfiberartist.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Frances-Taylor-wearable-art-designs-100525781422795/?modal=admin_todo_tour

I make fine textile art, as well as wearable art (clothing and jewellery) and functional items. Many items are made from new materials, but discontinued patterns, so destined for the dump, unless rescued and made into something beautiful and useful. I upcycle clothing, but also make some items from scratch. I also make lovely little books suitable for recording thoughts, favourite sayings / quotes, memories, special events (e.g., significant wedding anniversary, guest books at events, etc.) or poetry.  Some of my items are also lilsted on the Ottawa Artisans website:  https://ottawaartisans.com/pages/our-artisans/frances_taylor  Feel free to contact me should you have questions.

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