Dunrobin Community Associationhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/Thu, 04 Aug 2022 5:11:02 +0000en-us<![CDATA[Life Skills: Fall 2022]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/special-needs-programs/life-skills-fall-2022/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/special-needs-programs/life-skills-fall-2022/Wed, 13 Jul 2022 1:56:39 +0000Life Skills: Food - Fall 2022  *** Please note that this session is now full***

This hands-on not for profit 6 week course teaches youth and young adults living with challenging abilities about food prep, kitchen safety and nutrition. Runs every Sunday from 11th September 2022 to October 23rd 2022 (No classes thanksgiving weekend).

Price $70 (all inclusive)

Spaces are limited and offered on a first come first serve basis

Ages 10+

for more information please contact 


<![CDATA[Chair Fitness with Julie]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/special-needs-programs/chair-fitness-with-julie/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/special-needs-programs/chair-fitness-with-julie/Sat, 09 Jul 2022 8:11:31 +0000Chair fitness with Julie - a fun and energetic dance class run via zoom every Tuesday - 4.30pm-5pm in blocks of 8 weeks. $80 for 8 weeks = $10 a class! Next block runs from September 6th - October 25th 2022.

<![CDATA[Life Skills: Food Winter 2022]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/special-needs-programs/life-skills-food-winter-2022/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/special-needs-programs/life-skills-food-winter-2022/Sat, 02 Jul 2022 7:28:24 +0000

Life Skills: Winter 2022  *** Please note that this session is not yet open for registration**

This hands-on not for profit 6 week course teaches youth and young adults living with challenging abilities about food prep, kitchen safety and nutrition. Runs every Sunday from November 6th to December 11th 2022 

Price $70 (all inclusive)

Spaces are limited and offered on a first come first serve basis

Ages 10+

for more information please contact 


<![CDATA[Home]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/home/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/home/Sat, 02 Jul 2022 4:11:36 +0000

The Dunrobin Community Association organizes, promotes and engages in recreational, social, cultural, benevolent, sports educational activities and local businesses in the Dunrobin area.

Should you have an questions in regards to the DCA please send an email to here.

If you wish to receive our DCA email newsletter please Subscribe Now.


Do you need work done around the house? Are you looking for hardworking tradespeople? Do you want to help grow our local economy?

You’re in the right place. Dunrobin is home to many talented, hardworking suppliers of products and services. This Business Directory can help you connect to the right local vendor, by using the search function to search by category or business name.

<![CDATA[Girls Club - Closed Group]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/special-needs-programs/girls-club-closed-group/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/special-needs-programs/girls-club-closed-group/Wed, 04 May 2022 10:57:37 +0000Girls Club -- Closed Group  **Please note this program is now full**

This program offers teenage and young adult femailes with challenging abilities to practise their social skills whilst having  fun while participating in age-appropriate activities.  The marvelous  Ms Sharon will be running this program on the last Friday of the month beginning April (excluding July and August). There will be 6 workshops/meetings in this block - $60 (ie $10 a session) Each session will run for approx 90 minutes.

Friday evenings 5pm-6.30pm -  April 29th, May 27th, June 24th, September 30th, October 28th, November 25th

<![CDATA[Sponsorship]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/adult-classes-activities/mixed-adult-softball-leaugue/sponsorship-7439.htmlhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/adult-classes-activities/mixed-adult-softball-leaugue/sponsorship-7439.htmlThu, 21 Apr 2022 3:45:11 +0000<![CDATA[Mixed softball league]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/adult-classes-activities/mixed-adult-softball-leaugue/mixed-softball-league-4481.htmlhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/adult-classes-activities/mixed-adult-softball-leaugue/mixed-softball-league-4481.htmlSat, 09 Apr 2022 5:56:25 +0000<![CDATA[Mixed Adult softball leaugue]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/adult-classes-activities/mixed-adult-softball-leaugue/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/adult-classes-activities/mixed-adult-softball-leaugue/Sat, 09 Apr 2022 5:55:02 +0000<![CDATA[Softball 2022]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/softball-tball/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/softball-tball/Tue, 22 Mar 2022 5:02:17 +00002022 West Carleton Minor Softball Registration



Welcome back to SOFTBALL!!! 

As some of you know this is my last year doing the softball in Dunrobin. It has been a pleasure to keep the softball running for all of these year. Please welcome Lauren Deroche as your new softball representative. 

You can pay online but this form needs to signed and sent back to either Lori or Lauren

​We are always looking for new sponsors to help with getting the equipment we need and keep the diamond safe for the kids.  Please contact Lori McGrath or Lauren Deroche if you wish to sponsor a team.

Schedules for 2022 will be posted here as soon as it is ready:


Diamond Locations

Partner Websites

Diamond Locations

Contact Person

Telephone Number

Dunrobin Community Association

1151 Thomas A. Dolan Pwy

Lori McGrath or Lauren Deroche


Fitzroy Harbour Community Association

100 Clifford Campbell St

Adam Brown


Huntley Community Association (Carp)

108 Juanita Ave  (Main Diamond)

2240 Craig Side Rd (Mess Hall)

Kinburn Community Association

3045 Kinburn Side Rd

Constance and Buckham’s Bay Comm Association

262 Len Purcell Dr

<![CDATA[Midget (U18) 2004-2005]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/softball-tball/midget-u18-2004-2005-4745.htmlhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/softball-tball/midget-u18-2004-2005-4745.htmlTue, 22 Mar 2022 4:26:52 +0000<![CDATA[Bantam (U16) 2006-2007]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/softball-tball/bantam-u16-2006-2007-3071.htmlhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/softball-tball/bantam-u16-2006-2007-3071.htmlTue, 22 Mar 2022 4:26:20 +0000<![CDATA[PeeWee (U14) 2008-2009]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/softball-tball/peewee-u14-2008-2009-8413.htmlhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/softball-tball/peewee-u14-2008-2009-8413.htmlTue, 22 Mar 2022 4:25:47 +0000<![CDATA[Squirts (U12) 2010-2011]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/softball-tball/squirts-u12-2010-2011-1963.htmlhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/softball-tball/squirts-u12-2010-2011-1963.htmlTue, 22 Mar 2022 4:25:07 +0000<![CDATA[Learn to Play (U6) 2016-2017]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/softball-tball/learn-to-play-born-before-2016-4288.htmlhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/softball-tball/learn-to-play-born-before-2016-4288.htmlTue, 22 Mar 2022 4:24:30 +0000<![CDATA[Mites (U10) 2012-2013]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/softball-tball/mites-u10-2012-2013-5913.htmlhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/softball-tball/mites-u10-2012-2013-5913.htmlTue, 22 Mar 2022 4:23:50 +0000<![CDATA[Atom/5 Pitch (U8) 2014-2015]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/softball-tball/atom-5-pitch-u8-2014-2015-8974.htmlhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/softball-tball/atom-5-pitch-u8-2014-2015-8974.htmlTue, 22 Mar 2022 4:22:36 +0000<![CDATA[Bookings]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/bookings/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/bookings/Sat, 07 Aug 2021 2:20:12 +0000If you would like to book the Dunrobin Community Centre (building or fields) please complete the online request form below.

Please first check the calendar for availability.

Building rental rates are as follows:

Community rate Corp / for profit rate
Hall $15 per hour $26.00 per hour
Cleaning Retainer $50 for residents $75 for non-residents

Booking Requirements

After your reservation is confirmed, you will be required to sign a contract.

Arrangements to pick up keys will be made for the day of the event. The facility must be left in the same condition as it was when you took possession and a cleaning retainer is required.

<![CDATA[Before & After School Program]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/before-after-school-program/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/before-after-school-program/Sat, 07 Aug 2021 2:17:12 +0000

$11/day $200 mth am or pm  

$14/day $265 mth am & pm

Before School: 7:00AM - 8:45AM
After School: 4:00PM - 5:45PM

Contact - Janetta Boomer or 343-297-3871

<![CDATA[Programming for the Disabled]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/special-needs-programs/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/special-needs-programs/Tue, 15 Dec 2020 8:36:36 +0000The Dunrobin Community Association offers adaptive seasonal programming and activities for children, youth and adults living with disabilities. 

Activites include:

  • Summertime Soccer for all ages 
  • Outdoor Hockey/Learn to Skate
  • Life Skills: Cooking
  • Spring Ball Hockey
  • Tennis/Basketball 
  • Guitar for Beginners
  • Social Activities and Workshops

For more information please contact:

<![CDATA[Square Dancing in Constance Bay]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/community-resources/square-dancing-in-constance-bay/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/community-resources/square-dancing-in-constance-bay/Sat, 14 Mar 2020 6:43:42 +0000The Bay Waves is a fun loving, Modern Square Dance Club located in beautiful Constance Bay, Ontario.

The club offers Square Dance lessons at the Basic (beginner) and Mainstream levels and provides lively dancing opportunities at these levels for experienced Square Dancers in a fun and casual environment.

COME AS YOU ARE ! Square Dance Costumes are not required.

The Club Caller, Andy Himberg-Larsen, ensures that a good time is had by all.

Bay Waves have theme nights once a month and welcome, invites and encourage visitors on any Friday evening.

The club is a member of the Eastern Ontario Square and Round Dance Association. It operates out of the Constance & Buckhams Bay Community Centre in Constance Bay (Ottawa). Dancing takes place on Friday evenings from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m and is followed by a social hour including a cash bar.

The Bay Waves session runs from September through April.

For more information please contact:


For information call Ron at 832-7759

<![CDATA[Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/community-resources/western-ottawa-community-resource-centre/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/community-resources/western-ottawa-community-resource-centre/Fri, 13 Mar 2020 7:07:50 +0000Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre


<![CDATA[City of Ottawa Programs]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/community-resources/city-of-ottawa-programs/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/community-resources/city-of-ottawa-programs/Fri, 13 Mar 2020 6:58:15 +00001. Spring/Summer Recreation Programs:

Registration is now open for the City's spring and summer recreation programming.  Check out the thousands of classes the City of Ottawa has to offer in their Program Guide. The City provides an impressive selection of affordable programs for all ages – everything from swimming and fitness, to dance, martial arts and even dog training. There’s something for everyone!  Registration is now open for all programming Spring/Summer programming.  Information about classes can only be viewed online. Residents who do not have access to the internet at home or at work are encouraged to visit City recreation facilities or libraries with public internet access, or visit client service centres or recreation centres where customer service staff can help with registration.

2. Older Adult Activity Guide:

As part of the City of Ottawa's Older Adult Plan residents can pick up a printed copy of the Older Adult Activity Guide which lists information about programs and activities from Parks, Recreation and Culture, Ottawa Public Health and Ottawa Public Library. The Spring-Summer 2013 guide is available at the Kanata Seniors’ Centre (2500 Campeau Drive) as well as at all City recreation centres, client service centres and branches of the Ottawa Public Library.

<![CDATA[Business Directory]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/business/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/business/Fri, 13 Mar 2020 6:43:10 +0000Create Local Connections!

Do you need work done around the house? Are you looking for hardworking tradespeople? Do you want to help grow our local economy?

You’re in the right place. Dunrobin is home to many talented, hardworking suppliers of products and services. This Business Directory can help you connect to the right local vendor, by using the search function to search by category or business name. If you’re happy with the product or service you received, feel free to post a positive review on the owner’s social media platform.

The information in this Business Directory was provided by the vendors. While the Dunrobin Community Association maintains the Dunrobin Business Directory, it does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided or the quality of the products and services that are listed, nor is it responsible for customer service-related issues that may arise from interactions with the companies promoting these products and services.

To have your business listed, please log-in / create an account and enter your listing or contact us for further information.

Log Into Your Account
To log into your account and manage or add a business listing. 

Create an account
To create an account and add your business to the Dunrobin Community Association Business Directory.

<![CDATA[Emergency Numbers]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/emergency/emergency-numbers/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/emergency/emergency-numbers/Fri, 06 Mar 2020 7:30:53 +0000West Carleton Relief Emergency Numbers

West Carleton Disaster Assistance
westcarletonrelief@gmail.com - Email us to register, needs, questions, updates, DRAO & other feedback

Red Cross

Marc Papineau

Recovered Items

West Carleton Food Access Centre
(613) 832-5685 - call or email for an appointment

Savvy Seconds
(613) 240-8644

Household Items & Services
Ottawa Disaster Exchange

Kanata Brick; speical Pricing
Call or text: Mark Redwood to set up an appointment
(613) 218-3264

Disaster Recover Assistance of Ontarians DRAO

Stressed out, Afraid, Anxious?
Distress Centre of Ottawa
(613) 238-3311

Hydro One

Bell Speical Service Number
1-877-491-4844 (Do Not call the regular number)

Electrical Safety Authority

Enbridge Gas
(613) 748-6890

Eli El Chantiry
(613) 580-2475

Building & Demolition Permits
(613) 580-2424  ext. 29312

Property Tax refunds/deferrals

Merrilee Fullerton
(613) 599-3000

<![CDATA[Make Up Application Workshop]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/special-needs-programs/make-up-application-workshop/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/special-needs-programs/make-up-application-workshop/Thu, 05 Mar 2020 3:52:44 +0000Make Up Application Workshop: A fun packed hands on, step by step workshop on techniques for skin care and how to apply make up for different occaisions.  All supplies provided and each participant will go home with their own make up kit.

Friday 27th March @ 6.30pm


<![CDATA[Eli El-Chantiry Newsletter]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/community-resources/eli-el-chantiry-newsletter/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/community-resources/eli-el-chantiry-newsletter/Thu, 05 Mar 2020 7:51:34 +0000Our City Councellor

Eli El-Chantiry:



<![CDATA[Notices]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/notices/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/notices/Thu, 05 Mar 2020 7:49:18 +0000<![CDATA[Community Resources]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/community-resources/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/community-resources/Thu, 05 Mar 2020 7:49:18 +0000If you'd like to add information on local West Carleton resources, please contact us.

Rural Events Calendar


Dunrobin Newsgroups



Our City Councellor


Local clubs:

The Ottawa River Canoe Club offers summer camps for children aged 6-15 years old, and a Children's Introductory Evening and Saturday morning Paddling Program. We have youth and adult programs from May to September, for competitive racing, masters sprint paddling, dragon boat, outrigger, and stand-up paddling (SUP). The club also offers recreational and competitive programs for adults and youth with a physical (Para) or intellectual (Paddle All) disability.

ORCC is located at the corner of 6th Line Road and Cameron Harvey Drive (previously Riddell Rd). Visit www.ottawarivercanoe.com for more details about our Open House and programs.

<![CDATA[Community Centre Availability Calendar]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/bookings/community-centre-availability-calendar/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/bookings/community-centre-availability-calendar/Thu, 05 Mar 2020 7:42:37 +0000*Please Note*

To contact the community centre please email info@dunrobincommunity.com.

Please click here to book the Dunrobin Community Centre.

<![CDATA[West Carleton Fibre Guild - For Adults and Seniors]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/adult-classes-activities/west-carleton-fibre-guild-for-adults-and-seniors/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/adult-classes-activities/west-carleton-fibre-guild-for-adults-and-seniors/Wed, 04 Mar 2020 4:01:48 +0000We are a group of Weavers, Spinners, knitters and fibre Artists that are active in the local community for the past twenty years.

Our meetings at held the 2nd Tuesday of every month from September to June at 12:30, at The Dunrobin Community Centre.

We also hold workshops for members on all aspects of fibre artistry, and welcome new members at all times.

You may contact us at:  (613) 832.3428, or (613) 832.3668

<![CDATA[Kids Sports/Activities]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/Wed, 04 Mar 2020 3:45:42 +0000The Dunrobin Community Center hosts many different sports leagues in both winter and summer.

Click on the sport you are interested in to be directed to the appropriate web page.

<![CDATA[Girl Guides of Canada]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/community-resources/girl-guides-of-canada/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/community-resources/girl-guides-of-canada/Wed, 04 Mar 2020 2:19:14 +0000Registration Information:

  • Sparks (ages 5 and 6)
  • Brownies (ages 7 and 8)
  • Guides (ages 9 to 11)
  • Pathfinders (ages 12 to 14)
  • Rangers(ages 15 to 17+)

Register in advance at: www.girlguides.ca
613.722.5523 ext. 6127

INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING? Girl Guides of Canada is looking for women 18 years or older who want to make a difference in the life of a girl. Guiding offers many opportunities for personal and professional growth, peer support, fun and friendship.

For additional information, please call 613-722-5523 ext. 6127 or visit us online at www.guidesontario.org

<![CDATA[Rural Root Theatre Company]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/community-resources/rural-root-theatre-company/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/community-resources/rural-root-theatre-company/Wed, 04 Mar 2020 2:12:38 +0000Interested in being on-stage or working on a theater production?

Rural Root Theater company is always looking for talented people to join our group to act, direct or to volunteer to help with set design/building, sound, lights, props, special effects, poster design, front-of-house, marketing and many of the other functions that are required to put on one of our amazing shows. Check the website regularly for updates on the next show!


<![CDATA[Contact Us]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/contact-us/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/contact-us/Mon, 02 Mar 2020 5:15:52 +0000The Dunrobin Community Centre is located at:

1151 Thomas A. Dolan Parkway
Ottawa ON.
K0A 1T0

Phone number at the centre: 613.832.3763 (however there is no answering machine).

If you have an questions regarding any of our programs send email here 


<![CDATA[Diners Club]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/special-needs-programs/diners-club/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/special-needs-programs/diners-club/Sat, 01 Feb 2020 1:35:05 +0000Dunrobin Diners Club - private event.

<![CDATA[Programs & Activities]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/Tue, 09 Apr 2019 7:57:31 +0000<![CDATA[Emergency]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/emergency/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/emergency/Tue, 09 Oct 2018 4:34:54 +0000<![CDATA[About DCA]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/contact-us/about-dca/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/contact-us/about-dca/Sun, 10 Jun 2018 1:33:30 +0000Executives

As of the 2017 AGM, following is a list of DCA executives:

Monthly Meetings

The DCA directors meet every month, usually the 2nd Wednesday. All are welcome to attend. Please contact here to confirm the meeting time and location, should you wish to attend.

Minutes of the Meetings

Jan 2018

Jan 2017 - Feb 2017 - March 2017 (Minutes, AGM Slide) - Apr 2017 - May 2017 - June 2017 - Sept 2017 - Oct 2017 - Nov 2017 - Dec 2017

Jan 2016 - Feb 2016 - March 2016 (Minutes, Treasure Report, AGM Slide) - April 2016 - May 2016 - June 2016 - Sept 2016 - Oct 2016 - Nov 2016 - Dec 2016

Jan 2015 - Feb 2015 - March 2015 (Minutes , Treasure Report , AGM Slide) - April 2015 - May 2015 (No Meeting) - June 2015 - July 2015 (No Meeting) - August 2015 (No Meeting) - September 2015 - October 2015 - November 2015 - December 2015

April 2014 - September 2014 - November 2014 - 


Click on the link to view a presentation on the History of DCA.


The DCA by-laws were amended and voted on at the AGM on Monday March 8th 2010. You can find the most recent version here.
By-Laws - Dunrobin Community Association

Minutes of the Meetings

AGM Slide Show Presentation - Feb 26 2014 

<![CDATA[2016 Canada Day]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/gallery/2016-canada-day/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/gallery/2016-canada-day/Sun, 03 Jul 2016 6:28:54 +0000<![CDATA[2015 Softball Teams]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/gallery/2015-softball-teams/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/gallery/2015-softball-teams/Wed, 16 Mar 2016 2:28:37 +0000<![CDATA[Gallery]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/gallery/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/gallery/Wed, 16 Mar 2016 2:26:32 +0000<![CDATA[Sponsorship]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/softball-tball/sponsorship-7266.htmlhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/softball-tball/sponsorship-7266.htmlThu, 25 Feb 2016 2:42:53 +0000<![CDATA[Cleaning Retainer Corporate Fee]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/bookings/cleaning-retainer-corporate-fee/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/bookings/cleaning-retainer-corporate-fee/Fri, 30 Oct 2015 6:34:13 +0000<![CDATA[Cleaning Retainer]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/bookings/cleaning-retainer/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/bookings/cleaning-retainer/Fri, 30 Oct 2015 6:33:15 +0000<![CDATA[Hall Fee Corporate Rate]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/bookings/hall-fee-corporate-rate/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/bookings/hall-fee-corporate-rate/Fri, 30 Oct 2015 6:32:05 +0000<![CDATA[Hall Fee ]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/bookings/hall-fee/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/bookings/hall-fee/Fri, 30 Oct 2015 6:28:28 +0000<![CDATA[Zumba 2014 Fall Session]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/adult-classes-activities/spring-2014-zumba-session/zumba-2014-fall-session-913.htmlhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/adult-classes-activities/spring-2014-zumba-session/zumba-2014-fall-session-913.htmlWed, 13 Aug 2014 9:48:27 +0000<![CDATA[Ottawa River Canoe Club]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/community-resources/city-of-ottawa-programs/ottawa-river-canoe-club/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/community-resources/city-of-ottawa-programs/ottawa-river-canoe-club/Thu, 04 Jul 2013 2:08:37 +0000  http://www.ottawarivercanoe.com/

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<![CDATA[Youth Night - June 21st]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/youth-connexions/youth-night-june-21st-1268.htmlhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/youth-connexions/youth-night-june-21st-1268.htmlSat, 16 Mar 2013 9:39:35 +0000<![CDATA[Youth Night - May 24th]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/youth-connexions/youth-night-may-24th-9275.htmlhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/youth-connexions/youth-night-may-24th-9275.htmlSat, 16 Mar 2013 9:38:47 +0000<![CDATA[Youth Night - April 26th]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/youth-connexions/youth-night-april-26th-8196.htmlhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/youth-connexions/youth-night-april-26th-8196.htmlSat, 16 Mar 2013 9:37:46 +0000<![CDATA[Youth Night - Games Night]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/youth-connexions/youth-night-games-night-7231.htmlhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/youth-connexions/youth-night-games-night-7231.htmlFri, 01 Mar 2013 12:41:08 +0000<![CDATA[Youth Night - Spa Night]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/youth-connexions/youth-night-spa-night-8168.htmlhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/youth-connexions/youth-night-spa-night-8168.htmlFri, 01 Mar 2013 12:39:59 +0000<![CDATA[Youth Night - Ice Cream Sundae Making]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/youth-connexions/youth-night-ice-cream-sundae-making-9011.htmlhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/youth-connexions/youth-night-ice-cream-sundae-making-9011.htmlFri, 01 Mar 2013 12:32:07 +0000<![CDATA[Youth Connexions]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/youth-connexions/youth-connexions-3571.htmlhttps://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/kids-sports-activities/youth-connexions/youth-connexions-3571.htmlFri, 01 Mar 2013 12:27:04 +0000<![CDATA[Adult Classes/Activities]]>https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/adult-classes-activities/https://www.dunrobincommunity.com/programs-and-activities/adult-classes-activities/Mon, 17 Sep 2012 8:12:35 +0000